Grow your sav­ings, the safe, secure way.

Choose from a wide range of CD options.

9-month CD
12-month CD
15-month CD

CD Highlights

The easy way to build your savings
  • Great rates

  • Choice of maturities

  • Easy online inquiry access

  • Minimum of $500 to open

Eligibility is limited to consumers who apply online. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal from a certificate of deposit.

Fre­quent­ly Asked Ques­tions (FAQs)

How can I view my Northern Bank Direct CDs?

It couldn't be any easier. Just set up an online account and view your account balance online or on mobile any time, 24/7. We will send you an annual statement showing how much your savings have grown.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Com­pet­i­tive rates. Ser­vice that can’t be beat.

Banking with Northern Bank Direct gives you the best of both worlds — the competitive CD rates you want and the excellent customer service you need to feel truly taken care of. With our reputation for stability and reliability, you can open an account with us with confidence.

More Information

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